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1.Visa-related Procedures in Japan

Japan has a status of residence system for the border control of foreigners. This system establishes the criteria for granting 32 types of status of residence, which are defined by law, and specifies the activities that are allowed in Japan, a period of stay, etc.

1.Frequently Used Statuses of Residence

Status of Residence Activities in Japan Permitted period of stay
Short-term stay For short-term stay such as sightseeing, business meeting, and factory tour 15/30/90 days
Business manager For company manager, executive of large company, etc. 4 months, 1/3/5 years
Intra-company transferee For transferee who moves to internal/external office 3 months, 1/3/5 years
Engineer, Specialist in humanities/international services For engineer, interpreter, trade-related employee, marketer, etc. 3 months, 1/3/5 years
Dependent Spouse, child, etc. of foreign national who works in Japan 3 months, 1/3/5 years

2.Major Procedures Related to Status of Residence

(1)Application for Certificate of Eligibility
・Procedure for bringing over a foreign national living abroad to Japan
(2)Application for Permission for Change of Status of Residence
・Procedure for changing the current status of residence
(3)Application for Re-entry Permit
・Your status of residence becomes invalid if you stay outside Japan for over a year without taking any procedure.
・With a re-entry permit, you can re-enter Japan one year later with the original status of residence

Note: In July 2012, the Special Re-entry Permission System was introduced, which eliminates the need to apply for a re-entry permit if you re-enter Japan within one year of your departure.

3. Tips for Acquiring Work Visa

If you conduct activities against the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, you may be expelled from Japan.

If visa application for the representative or employees is rejected, it will hinder your business in Japan. Consult with our experts beforehand.

2.Examination for Business Manager Visa

Business manager visas are for foreign companies’ managers etc. In order to acquire this visa, you need to apply for it with the Immigration Services Agency office with jurisdiction over where your company is located or where you live. Requirements for this visa are stipulated in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act as follows roughly.

1.Activities in Japan

Activities conducted by a foreign national who stays in Japan with a business manager visa must fall under any of the following items.

  1. Activities for the management and business administration of business that the foreign national started in Japan
  2. Activities for the management and business administration of business started in Japan in which the foreign national participates
  3. Activities for the management and business administration of business started by another manager

2.Legality of Business

Your business must be legally conducted in accordance with law etc.

3.Stability and Continuity of Business

Your business must be conducted stably and continuously

4.Securing Office

You must secure an office in Japan for your business

5. Business Scale above Certain Level

Any of the following items must apply

  1. You employ two or more full-time employees living in Japan
  2. The amount of total capital or total contribution is no less than 5,000,000 yen
  3. The business scale is equivalent to ① and ② above

Although these requirements look easy, you will be asked many questions by the examiner at the Immigration Services Agency after application. Needless to say, not a few applications are rejected. Therefore, you need to simulate this examination from the time you establish your Japanese office location.

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