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Japanese Permits and Licenses

It is said that there are over 10,000 types of permits and licenses in Japan. Before you start business in Japan, you need to make sure if any permit or license is required for your business.


・“Permit” means allowing a generally restricted act in a specific case.
・As government agencies have discretion, they may not give you a permit even if the criteria are met.
・Construction business, entertainment and amusement business, used business, transport business, etc.


・“License” means acknowledging that government agencies’ criteria are met.
・If the criteria are met, the government agencies cannot refuse to grant the license.
・License for nursery schools, etc.


・“Registration” means including certain information in a government agency’s register or the like.
・There may be certain criteria for registration.
・Tour business, architects office, warehousing business, etc.


・“Notification” means notifying a government agency of certain information.
・Notifications are mostly submitted to government agencies in order to notify them of changes etc. after the acquisition of permission or license.
・Notification of opening of laundry, etc.

Some registration procedures are legally difficult to take even though they are called “registration.” In Japan, also, legal compliance is strictly required and violators are strictly penalized.

Consult our experts before registering your Japanese branch (sales office) or corporation. If you consult us after the initial registration, you may be required to bear additional costs for re-registration or the like.

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