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About Us

 ACROSEED Group comprises companies specializing in providing consultation for and assistance to foreign residents in Japan in their compliance with the country’s governing statutory requirements.

 Since our establishment in 1986 as a certified administrative procedures specialist office, we have gained over 25 years of experience in providing services to support foreign companies entering into the Japanese market, foreign residents applying for visas, and employers hiring foreign workers.

 Currently we have established three corporations of licensed professionals in our group: Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist Corporation, Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation, and Certified Public Tax Accountant Corporation, which all work together with ACROSEED Co., Ltd. to provide one-stop solution services to foreign companies in establishing a business base in Japan.

 We provide multilingual services in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean so that we can work with you in the language that suits your needs.

 Seeking to win the trust of additional clients, we are actively enhancing and expanding the integrated services of ACROSEED Group. At the same time, we never forget our business policy of being honest and conscientious, and we strive to provide services that meet the individual needs of our clients. Using our technical knowledge and know-how, we work together to help clients solve their problems and fulfill their needs. It is our wish to work toward the betterment and growth of society by serving our clients.

Makoto Sano
Representative Director, ACROSEED Co., Ltd

ACROSEED Co., Ltd Incorporated in 1991
Amount of stated capital: 30,000,000 JPY
Representative Director              Makoto Sano
ACROSEED Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist Corporation Incorporated in 1986
Managing Partners
Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist      Makoto Sano
Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist      Masashi Miyagawa
ACROSEED Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation Incorporated in 2003
Managing Partners
-Labor and Social Security Attorney/Labor Issues Attorney               Shuji Akiyama
- Labor and Social Security Attorney                                           Haruhiko Tsunemi
ACROSEED Certified Public Tax Accountant Corporation Incorporated in 2009
Managing Partner
Certified Public Tax Accountant              Takeshi Nishizawa

Our Management Philosophy

 ACROSEED Group is focused on providing services to non-Japanese clients to help them understand and comply with the statutory requirements of their life and business in Japan. We aim to contribute to the globalization and economic growth of Japanese society by helping our clients handle problems and by assisting them in fulfilling their individual needs in Japan.

Our Business Policy

“Be true to the basics.” This is what we value most in our business.

  1. Swift replies to enquiries
  2. Accurate understanding of clients’ needs
  3. Keeping clients informed as needed
  4. Quick response in emergencies
  5. Keeping promises to clients
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