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The Process from Initial Contact to Project Completion

1. Contact

 Simply give us a call or send us an e-mail. Depending on your individual situation, there are several options for foreign companies to start a Japanese company or branch office. We first ask you for a short explanation of your plans and situation such as the purpose of starting a business or investment in Japan, the amount of planned investment in Japan, a summary of business operations, and the career and educational background of the intended representative of the business to be registered in Japan. We then make recommendations on preferred alternatives for forms of business registration and investment in Japan.

2. Consultation

For detailed discussion and consultation on your plans, we set up a meeting for you at our head office in Tokyo. We meet with you (the person starting the business or investment) or the intended representative of the business to be registered in Japan and further discuss the details of your business plan. After confirming the details, we make our recommendations that best match your plans, which will be accompanied by quotes of our fees.

3. Engagement

We first explain to you the details of our recommendations, our services, and our fees. Then we provide you with a service agreement for your confirmation, together with the payment instructions for our fees and other incidental costs and expenses.

4. Setting Up a Japanese Company or Branch Office

After your payment is confirmed, we begin working on your project according to the agreed-upon plans and services, which include referral of office properties, setting up the business entity, and obtaining work visas. We keep you updated on the status as appropriate, and our specialists will assist you with questions or concerns.

5. Professional Assistance for Your Outsourcing Needs in Japan

Once your business base in Japan is established, we can, if requested, also provide you with explanations of statutory responsibilities for running a business in Japan, including matters relating to taxes, labor management, and the social insurance system in Japan. We also provide services for payroll calculation, bookkeeping, social and labor insurance procedures, and registration procedures. We are here to meet your outsourcing needs for doing business in Japan.

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