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Track Record and Publication

Our Client List (only partial)

Services Clients
Visa application ITOCHU Corporation
McDonald’s Company (Japan), Ltd.
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.
Coach Japan LLC
DeNA Co., Ltd.
NEXON Co., Ltd.
Business permits Komatsu Ltd.
Komatsu General Services Ltd.
ITOCHU Human Resources & General Affairs Services Inc.
Itochu Urban Community Ltd.
Payroll calculation Asahi Law Offices
Levitech Japan Ltd.
Metal Solution Provider Ltd.
Social and labor insurance procedures Carpigiani Japan Co., Ltd.
Pentland Japan Company Ltd.
AT&S Japan Ltd.
PV Crystalox Solar Ltd.
Consulting TOA Corporation
Obayashi Corporation
Toshiba Corporation
National Bank of Pakistan
Singapore Embassy in Tokyo
Dolby Japan K.K.

Our Publications (all in Japanese)

Note: Translations of titles below are for information purposes only.

Guide for Foreigners to Setting Up a Business in Japan
Makoto Sano
February 2010, Nihon Kajo Press
Guide for Foreigners to Employing Workers in Japan
Makoto Sano, Masashi Miyagawa, Shuji Akiyama
September 2011, Nihon Kajo Press
Guide for Foreigners to Registering an International Marriage in Japan
Makoto Sano, Masashi Miyagawa
March 2011, Nihon Kajo Press
All You Need to Know about Information and Procedures for Hiring Overseas Workers in Japan
Makoto Sano, Shuji Akiyama, Takeshi Nishizawa
June 2010, Subarusya Linkage
Easy-to-Understand Entry Procedure: Basic Knowledge, Application Procedures, and 130 Real Questions
Hideo Sano, Makoto Sano
November 2004 (1st edition), August 2008 (2nd edition);
Nihon Kajo Press
Employment of Overseas Workers and Procedures for Bringing Overseas Trainees: For Japanese Companies that Suffer from Lack of Workers
Hideo Sano, Makoto Sano
November 2005, Nihon Kajo Press
(The above is a selection of the long list of our books and articles.)  

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