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Accounting and Bookkeeping

1.Bookkeeping Duties

(1)Bookkeeping - Japan’s tax system is based on self-reported data provided by tax payers. Thus tax filing is a responsibility of each business operator.
- It is important to keep track of revenues and expenses and file receipts as supporting evidence at tax filing.
- Bookkeeping is needed to record financial activities in business operations.
(2) Two types of tax filing (white form and blue form) White form - Moderate requirements in handling tax calculations.
- Bookkeeping by single entry.
- Across-the-board deduction of 100,000 JPY.
Blue form - Strict requirements and various responsibilities in handling tax calculations.
- Bookkeeping by double entry.
- Across-the-board deduction of 650,000 JPY.


 Although it requires more work and time to file a tax return using the blue form, many businesses choose it because of the considerable deductions that it allows.

2. Services

1. Summary of Services

 We provide monthly bookkeeping services, which are necessary for running a business entity in Japan. We organize and sort receipts provided by clients at every month-end and prepare monthly financial statements.


Please feel free to contact us for details. We submit quotes after confirming the details of your plans and needs with you.

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