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Obtaining Business Licenses or Permits

1.Permission and Authorization System in Japan

There are reportedly more than ten thousand kinds of business licenses and permits in Japan. When planning to set up a business in Japan, it is very important to confirm the details regarding which business licenses and permits are required for the business.

(1) Permission (kyoka) - Permission refers to the removal of prohibition on otherwise restricted matters and granting an approval on special cases.
- Granting of permission is subject to discretionary decisions of the authorities. There are cases in which applications are turned down, even when they meet the criteria and requirements for permission.
(For example, required for running the following: construction businesses, amusement businesses, antique dealers, and carrier businesses.)
(2) Authorization (ninka) - Authorization means that the authorities have confirmed and authorized that a specific case meets the standards imposed by the authorities.
- Granting of an authorization is not subject to discretionary decisions of authorities. Authorities are not allowed to turn down applications as long as they meet the standards for authorization.
(For example, required for running a nursery school.)
(3) Registration (toroku) - Registration means that specific information is registered with governing authorities and recorded in their files.
- In some cases, there are certain standards to be met for registration.
(For example, required for running the following: travel agency, architects and building engineers office, warehousing business.)
(4) Notification (todokede) - Notification means to inform authorities of matters on specific items.
- In most cases, notifications are made to inform relevant authorities of the changes occurring after obtaining business licenses or permits.
(For example, notification on starting a dry cleaning business.)


- There are some cases in which a high hurdle is imposed on registration in terms of statutory requirements.
- Compliance is a high priority in Japan. Violators will face severe penalization.
- Be sure to consult professionals before registering a branch office or Japanese company to avoid costs for changing registered matters or re-registering.

2. Services

1. Summary of Services

 If business licenses or permits are needed for your business in Japan, we prepare application documents and act in place of you in the application process. We take care of prior checking with relevant authorities, research criteria for examination, and prepare and submit application documents.


Please feel free to contact us for details. We submit quotes after confirming the details of your plans and needs with you.

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