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Recruiting of Staff

1.Staff Recruitment

 When seeking staff, many companies in Japan use several third-party services in addition to in-house recruiting efforts. The following are some commonly used means of recruiting staff in Japan.

Ways to Recruit Staff in Japan
(1) Direct search by the employer - Posting jobs on the employer’s company website.
- Suitable for a company with an established name and brands in Japan.
(2) Recruiting through public job-placement services - Use public services such as Hello Work (the employment service center run by the Japanese government) and Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners.
- These services are known for their large database of candidates, but may not be the best choice in finding candidates with high-level skills.
- No charges are incurred for recruiting through public services.
(3) Staff recruiting agencies - Find only those candidates who meet the exact skill sets wanted by employers.
- In many cases, recruiters’ fees are high, amounting to two (2) to 12 month’s salary of the candidate who secures the job.
- Effective for finding a highly skilled candidate within a short period of time.
(4) Temporary staffing agency - For temporary use of staff registered on the database of temporary staffing agencies.
- Normally, fees to temporary staffing agencies are included in the hourly rates paid to temp staff.
- Suitable for manpower needs on a short-term basis, and needs which do not require hours of training.
(5) Job-placement advertisement services - Post job-placement ads on websites or magazines dedicated to information about job openings.
-Fees for job-placement ads differ depending on the content and the posting period.


・Effective ways to recruit staff differ depending on the type and level of skill required for a specific job opening (non-Japanese, Japanese, new graduates, mid-career workers, etc.).
・Employers in Japan generally try different means and through multiple sources to find candidates.

2. Services

1. Summary of Services

 We assist you in recruiting staff in Japan.
- Referral to staff recruiting agencies
- Referral to temporary staffing agencies
- Recruiting of staff in place of you
 We provide the following services (and more) according to your needs.

2. Fees

 We refer you to recruiting or staffing agencies that we trust according to the level of staff you are searching for.
We assist you in finding the best possible candidates for a specific position after confirming with you the scope of work and employment conditions for the position.

  You are not asked to pay any commission or referral charges to ACROSEED for this service.

 Please feel free to contact us for details. We submit quotes after confirming the details of your plans and needs with you.

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