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Application for Work Visas, etc.

1.Application for Japanese Visas

 Japan’s immigration policy is based on the status of residence system, under which foreign nationals are divided into 27 statuses as stipulated by law, which also specify the activities and period of stay to be authorized for each status. The criteria for reviewing visa applications are also predetermined by the Japanese government for each status of residence.

Commonly Used Status of Residence
Name of
Status of Residence

Examples of Authorized Activities /
Typical Case of Each Status

Period of Stay
to Be Granted
Temporary Visitor Sightseeing, going on inspection tours, attending business meetings or other similar activities during a short period of stay in Japan. 15 days, 30 days or 90 days
Investor / Business Manager High-level corporate officers, executives of large companies, etc. One (1) or three (3) years
Intra-company Transferee Employees who are transferred to Japan from overseas branches. One (1) or three (3) years
Engineer Engineer, programmer One (1) or three (3) years
Specialist in Humanities / International Services Translator, person engaging in international trading or marketing. One (1) or three (3) years
Dependent Spouse and child of foreign residents working in Japan. One (1) or three (3) years

Major Procedures Relating to Status of Residence
(1) Certification - Officially called “an application for a certificate of eligibility for status of residence.”
- A procedure required when bringing a foreigner from overseas into Japan.
(2) Change of visa - Officially called “the permission for change of status of residence.”
- A procedure needed when changing the currently held status of residence to another.
(3) Re-entry permit - The status of residence becomes invalid if a foreign resident leaves Japan without a re-entry permit.
- Foreign residents who have a re-entry permit are allowed to re-enter Japan under the same status of residence.
Note: Beginning in July 2012, a new re-entry permit system is scheduled to be introduced. Under the new system, certain cases will be exempt from obtaining the re-entry permit.


・When a foreign resident violates the Immigration Control Act (official name: Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act), he or she may be subject to deportation.
・If applications for work visas of staff or representatives in Japan are turned down, it will negatively affect your business operations in Japan. It is important to seek professional advice beforehand.

2. Services

1. Summary of Services

 We submit applications for appropriate visas for the representative in Japan and his or her family as well as for expatriate staff from overseas offices.

 Our services include consultation regarding application procedures, preparation of a statement of reason, checking the consistency of supporting documents, preparation of a business plan, and submission of application documents to the Immigration Bureau in place of you.

 We strive to achieve the best results in obtaining visas by providing the Immigration Bureau with sufficient background on how and why you wish to set up a business entity in Japan (or invest in Japan), as well as the details of your plans for future business activities.


Please feel free to contact us for details. We submit quotes after confirming the details of your plans and needs with you.

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