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Case Examples of Our Services Vol.2

An American starting a motorcycle shop in Japan

Summary of Services

 An American who had always loved Japanese motorcycles asked us to set up a company in Japan. He started the company with a Japanese friend and now leads a busy life, frequently travelling between New York and Tsukuba City, Japan.

 As he also needed to obtain an Investor/Business Manager visa to work in Japan, we provided him with detailed explanations on the requirements for a visa application, such as how much investment is needed and how to send the funds to Japan. With the support and cooperation of his Japanese friend, who assumed the position of company representative, we helped the American client set up a Japanese company and obtain a work visa.


Services Provided
(Incl. consumption tax)
1. Setting up company limited as Kabushiki Kaisha (KK)
2.Obtaining Investor/Business Manager visa
3. Preparation of business plan
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