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1.Outline of Services

We take care of visa application in accordance with when you set up your location in Japan.

We help you acquire your status of residence for the long-term residence of your representative in Japan, foreign employees, and their families.

Japan has a status of residence system for the border control of foreigners. This system establishes the criteria for granting nearly 30 types of status of residence, which are defined by law, and specifies activities that are allowed in Japan, a period of stay, etc.

  1. Acquisition of Certificate of Eligibility (bringing over someone)
  2. Renewal of period of stay
  3. Change of status of residence
  4. Acquisition of re-entry permit, etc
Our experienced administrative scriveners take care of everything from the preparation of application documents to the submission of them to the Immigration Services Agency. In doing so, we propose the safest way for you with a focus on compliance from a long-term perspective.

In addition to the acquisition of status of residence, we also provide advice on the renewal of your period of stay for the next year and beyond and the acquisition of permanent resident status.

2.Service Fees (consumption tax excluded)

1.Bringing over someone/Change of status of residence

Engineer, Specialist in humanities/international services, Business manager, Intra-company transferee 110,000 yen
Dependent 55,000 yen

2.Renewal of period of stay

Engineer, Specialist in humanities/international services, Business manager, Intra-company transferee 88,000 yen
Dependent 55,000 yen
※For these procedures, you need to purchase a 4,000-yen revenue stamp per person.

3.Related services

Free consultation/Inquiry

Since our foundation in 1986, we have been boasting over 30 years of experience and achievements in services such as incorporation, visa application for foreign nationals, and acquisition of permits and licenses.

You can consult us by phone, email, online, or in person. Also, you can speak to us in English.

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