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Office and Housing Arrangements

Leasing an Office

 The following are certain points to be aware of when leasing an office in Japan.

Security deposits

- Security deposits are used to secure rent payments.

- Depending on the quality and location of the office, a security deposit in the region of three (3) to 24 month’s rent is required when signing a lease.

- When vacating the property, the landlord will deduct any costs incurred from the security deposit to return the property to its original condition, and return the remaining balance to the tenant.
Un-returnable deposits - A portion of security deposits will not be returned upon cancellation or expiration of a lease. The amount of un-returnable deposits is predetermined and expressed clearly at the time of signing a lease.
Renewal fee

- Required when renewing a lease after expiration of a lease term.

- Usually an equivalent of one or two month's rent
Rent and Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charge

- In many cases, CAM includes charges for utilities and cleaning costs.

- Items included in CAM differ by property. It is important to confirm the details before signing a lease.


  • Recently there have been some properties that have not been asking for a deposit or key money. Try spending some time looking for properties with good contractual conditions.
  • Remember to estimate your total monthly expenses before signing a lease.
  • When to start leasing an office depends on how much progress has been made in the procedures for setting up a business entity in Japan. Be sure to consult professionals in advance to avoid unexpected losses.

Office and Housing Arrangements

1.Summary of Services

 We help you find offices and housing that match your needs in starting a business or investing in Japan. Our list of recommended properties includes large offices for global corporations as well as small offices for individuals according to your needs.


Please feel free to contact us for details. We submit quotes after confirming the details of your plans and needs with you.

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