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Case Examples of Our Services Vol.3

A Chinese global corporation entering the Japanese market

Summary of Services

 We were contacted by a Japanese government agency and introduced to a global company in China. We assisted them in entering the Japanese market. Because of the company’s very large-scale operation in China and an excellent credit history, the entire process, including leasing an office and opening a business bank account, went smoothly.

 Our only concern was how we would obtain visas for the Japanese representative’s family within a very short period of time. After many visits to the Immigration Bureau and by providing detailed explanations for the family’s entry into Japan, we were able to secure entry permits for all of the family members as originally planned.


Services Provided
(Incl. consumption tax)
1.Setting up Japanese company
2.Obtaining Investor/Business Manager visa
3.Preparation of business plan
4. Obtaining Dependent visas
5. Notification of business commencement
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